What's Included With Our Templates

  • Lifetime commercial license within your company
  • Purchase a template once and use it over and over on all of your projects. In most cases, the cost of the templates can be recouped with the first project they're used for.

  • Free updates for the life of the product
  • Get all future updates for that particular product for life. The only exception to this is if the device manufacturer changes the platform for the templates to an extent that requires us to completely redesign our products or develop new versions altogether. A prime example of this would be Crestron's recent shift to their new, "Smart Graphics" platform.

  • Native format template/project file
  • This is the project file that contains all the pre-configured control pages in the native format of the target device. For example, Crestron templates are provided in VTT format, Universal Remote Control templates in CCP format, etc.

  • Variety of versatile, pre-configured control pages
    • Blu-Ray
    • DVD
    • Cable/Sat DVR
    • FM Radio
    • Keyboard (ASCII style)
    • Keyboard (simple)
    • Music/Media Server
    • Satellite Radio
    • AV Send To (whole house distribution)
    • Climate Control
    • Window Covering Control
    • Lighting Control
    • Security System Control
    • Security Cameras
    • Weather
    • AV Source Selection (Home Page)
    • Page Overlays (darken screen)
    • System Off Popup
    • Please Wait Popup

    While it would be virtually impossible to include pages for everything, we've designed these pages so that no matter what the control application, you will have a good starting point from which you can "copy", "paste", move and rename your way to exactly the layout you need.

  • Thousands of extra graphic files
  • Buttons, horizontal and vertical gauges and sliders, readouts, popup windows and much, much more in a wide variety of shapes and sizes are included in the extensive graphic library that accompanies each template. This allows for maximum versatility and customization options. Plus, if there's still a special element you need that isn't included, just ask us -- most requests can be fulfilled at no additional charge.

  • Over 250 television channel logos
  • Need one we don't have? Just send us the raw logo graphic and we'll stylize it to match your template.

  • Over 150 satellite radio station logos
  • Here again, need one we don't have? Just send us the raw logo graphic and we'll stylize it to match your template.

  • Full set of over 125 activity icons from our peerless Avant icon set
  • All icons provided in a variety of styles and sizes to match the template they come with. Click here to go to the Avant product page, and then click on the "Preview" binoculars icon to see all the icons included with the Avant set.

  • Numerous captivating background images
  • You can quickly and easily change the appearance of your projects by swapping out the background images.

  • Friendly, one-on-one support
  • Need help with something, just drop us a line at support@ntdesignsonline.com

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