Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's included with the templates?
  • A: So much stuff that we have separate page dedicated solely to that. Click here to check it out!

  • I need a page to control a "TARDIS Flux Capacitor Nimbus 2000" and it's not included with the template, what ever shall I do?
  • While it would be virtually impossible to include pages for everything, we've included a very deliberate set of preconfigured layouts so that no matter what the control application, you will have a good starting point from which you can "copy", "paste", move and rename your way to exactly the layout you need. We don't expect that the premade pages will be exactly the layout you want, right out of the gate. Some editing will almost always be necessary as every system programmer does things a little differently. Our goal is to provide a variety of comprehensive "starter" pages that minimize the time required for you to create exactly the page you need.

  • What kind of license is included with your products?
  • A: All of our products include an unlimited, commercial license for the lifetime of your company. This means that anyone who buys our products can use them over and over again on as many income-generating projects as they wish. The vast majority of our customers are professional programmers, developers and integration firms, which is why we only offer a commercial license. Additionally, given the nature of most systems-integration projects, the cost of our products can usually be recouped with one average-scale job, which is why we make the claim that our products pay for themselves.

  • Your prices seem a little high for "just graphics", what's the deal?
  • A: Our templates are far more than "just graphics". They are a complete, pain-stakingly designed user-interface development solution. Every graphical element we create for our products is meticulously detailed, right down to the last pixel. Every page layout is carefully planned, starting with conceptual pencil sketches and evolving into an extensive process of testing numerous layouts using prototyping software until we nail down the final design. It is unfair to liken our products to other, simple graphic sets that are available on the web.

    Secondly, and perhaps more significantly in regards to our pricing, is the generous, commercial-usage license described above.

  • ...More FAQ will be added soon.
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